Pascua Island, the polynesia mysteries

One of these different places and full of mysteries to be found on our planet is undoubtedly Easter Island, an island in Polynesia Chile has much to tell and more to discover.

Easter Island is one of those places on earth known worldwide thanks to its “moai” monolithic stone statues which represent all a body with a large face.These statues are a great mystery in world history and that it is very clear that was due to its construction, since all the moai of Easter Island were placed in very strategic and always looking into the island.

The most popular belief is that the carved Polynesian inhabitants between the twelfth and seventeenth centuries to represent their deceased and that they could give strength to their descendants in life. This theory may provide some explanation for the large number of moai found on the island, about 600 copies, and the commitment of its people to devote much time to the complicated development of such statues.

All these data and help us to get an idea of where they’re talking about and what can it interesting that your visit, but we should not stay alone in its mysteries, as the island’s privileged location means it has spectacular beaches, a soft tropical climate with an average temperature of 20 º C and of course its three major volcanoes, Rano Kau, Poike and Terevaka, which aroused great interest among visitors of the site.

The set of virtues that meets Easter Island has made this island a place of tourist to the point of becoming the main source of income for the town of Hanga Roa, the capital and only city on the island.

Tourism in the island is still growing and increasingly can find hotels to stay. In fact you can already find some hotel booking sites. The travelers also increased the frequency is affecting air traffic and it is possible to reach the island from Chile, with a daily flight from Lima and four days a week.

No doubt we’re talking about a different destination that will provide stories and interesting places, beautiful beaches and stunning volcanic landscape.

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