Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a mixture of cultures, under U.S. protection lets you have a good life economically, being able to say that is the exception to the Caribbean islands, given their level of development.

It is officially unincorporated territory of the United States, ie part of the United States but has its own system of self-government and is a territory that was ceded to the United States in 1898 by Spain. It has about 3 million inhabitants between 9100 square kilometers are there in the island, and is certainly a paradise of fun.

In Puerto Rico, the majority of the population is Spanish speaking, and officers who are officially both Spanish and English, but in practice only 20% of the population is actually bilingual.

A considerable number of inhabitants of the island of Puerto Rico are people that way and enjoy a Caribbean lifestyle without giving up the amenities of a developed country economically. As tourists also have the same feeling as it is easy to reach villages and neighborhoods where you can see locals with a purely Caribbean atmosphere, but all connected by roads well paved, well maintained buildings and in many areas a clean appearance. That is why Puerto Rico is a different place in the Caribbean, this development may make you lose some grace with which countries can count as Domicana Republic, but also is an interesting destination not to be missed.

Due to this we have a system of hotels offer enough to please any tourist can find from cheap accommodation to luxury hotels. To choose well our resting place on the island is best viewed on a hotel booking website all the possibilities we have at our disposal to make the most of the island.

Undoubtedly one of the main attractions offered to tourists are the beaches Puerto Rico in San Juan are the beaches of Isla Verde. They are a group of beaches that stretch for miles in which there are a multitude of restaurants of all kinds, luxury hotels, parks and residential areas. Midweek is a particularly quiet, but on a weekend is filled with tourists and residents willing to enjoy a day at the beach.

Another important area to visit is Luquillo, one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of the island visited by lovers of windsurfing through raging waters.

But Puerto Rico has really endless interesting sites you know so you can be a good idea to be guided by experts like EcoQuest Tours to tour the island are also very good options to visit the restaurants such as El Bohio , Restaurant Millie’s Place or Sizzler. Not to mention a place in history thanks to the many museums that includes the island.

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