How was the foreigner dressed in horse and two goats?

How was the foreigner dressed? The foreigner was dressed in khaki clothes, making him look like a policeman or a soldier.

How was the foreigner dressed?

The foreigner was dressed in khakhi clothes just like in the policeman’s attire. Muni feel the urge to run when he first laid eyes in him because he thought foreigner as a police man who had come to inquire about the murder that had happened there. So, in order to prevent him, he urged to run away from him.

Who was the foreigner in a horse and two goats?

Answer: The foreigner was a tourist in india. He was rich American buisnessman who dealt in coffee. He was polite and courteous as he offered Muni a cigarette and though he did not understood Muni,he listened to him attentively.

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Who is the red-faced man?

Ans. The foreigner was red-faced and came in a motor car. He wore khaki clothes which made Muni believe that he is either a policeman or a soldier. He knew that there were talks about murder and thought that the foreigner was here to investigate it.

Who was the foreigner What was his background?

What was his background? Answer: The foreigner was a tourist in India. He was a rich American businessman who dealt in coffee. 2.

What did the foreigner say looking at the clay horse?

What did the foreigner say looking at the clay horse? He looked up at the clay horse and cried, “ Marvellous.”

What kind of relationship did Muni share with his wife?

Muni is dependent on his wife. It clearly understood by the fact that Muni only takes his goats to the highway.

How does the story A Horse and Two Goats reflect a clash between two cultures?

The story ‘A Horse and Two Goats’ marks a comparison between two different types of cultures. … He represented the culture of Indian society. He had never stepped out of his village. His life is surrounded by the difficulties faced by him to earn his livelihood.

Why did Muni plead to the foreigner What was the plea all about?

– Initially Muni spoke in a fearful tone but when the foreigner produced a card, Muni was greatly troubled and afraid and began to plead the foreigner that he knew nothing about the murder. – It reveals the innocent and ignorant nature of Muni. Hope this helps.

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What is the main message of the story A Horse and Two Goats?

Answer: The story A Horse and Two Goats gives the message what happens when two people from different culture meet. One is the foreigner from New York while the other is Muni who can speak only Tamil and has never stopped out of his village Kritam.

What is the difference between Muni and the foreigner?

Answer: Muni Was A Poor Guy who didn’t have money to buy food while Foreigners Was Financially Stable as he was willing to buy a horse just for passion or liking. Muni was roughly dressed and had torn clothes while Foreigner was well dressed in khaki colour and looked like a police officer.

What was the red faced foreigner’s wife name?

We had a power failure one day, you know, and there I was stuck for four hours, no elevator, no air conditioning. All the way in the train I kept thinking, and the minute I reached home in Connecticut, I told my wife Ruth, ‘We will visit India this winter, it’s time to look at other civilizations.

How old Muni actually was?

Muni was actually 70 years old. He told the shopkeeper that he was only 50 as he counted his age from the great famine that once took place in his village…

How does the story horse and two goats and what has appealed to you in the story?

What has appealed to you in the story? Ans. The American at the end believed he had bought the horse statue, whereas Muni thought he had just got rid of his goats for money. Muni came home to present the money to his wife and told her that he had sold their goats to a foreigner.

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What is the conclusion of the story A Horse and Two Goats?

The conclusion of R.K Narayan’s short story “A Horse and Two Goats” is the importance of communication. Muni and the American do not understand each other’s languages but strike a deal that satisfies both. But even when he explains his story, his wife finds it to be unbelievable.

Who is the central character in the story A Horse and Two Goats?

In R. K. Narayan’s short story “A Horse and Two Goats”, Muni and the clay horse both are important figures but Muni is undoubtedly the central character of the story. Of course, the horse statue constitutes a considerable part of the story and even makes it to the title of the story.