Quick Answer: How far does the average person travel per day?

The first-year results of the American Driving Survey revealed that: Motorists age 16 years and older drive, on average, 29.2 miles per day or 10,658 miles per year. Women take more driving trips, but men spend 25 percent more time behind the wheel and drive 35 percent more miles than women.

How far do most people drive per day?

Daily travel miles per driver – United States 2001 to 2017

On average, American drivers today are moving their vehicles considerably less than they were sixteen years ago, but they still totaled an average of 25.9 miles per day and per driver in 2017.

How far does the average person travel from home?

Right after COVID struck the US, distance traveled to visited locations dropped by a fair amount, from the median trip being about 5.5 miles away from home down below 4.5.

How far does the average person travel by car?

The average driver drives around 13,500 miles per year. That’s over 1,000 miles per month! Americans drive more than twice as many miles in urban areas than in rural areas.

Is 1 hour commute too long?

With traffic, it could be 1-hour-and-15 minutes. … Commutes longer than 45 minutes are up 12 percent in that time span, and 90-minute one-way commutes are 64 percent more common than in 1990. The longer your commute, the less time you have for family, friends, exercise and nutrition—and it’s awful for your mental state.

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What percentage of people drive work?

About 86 percent of U.S. work- ers commuted to work by automobile in 2013; 3 out of 4 commuters drove alone. At 76.6 percent of workers, driving alone to work peaked in 2010. The rate of carpooling has declined during each decade since 1980.

How far do you travel in your life?

Can anyone tell me how far I have travelled in our galaxy during that time? Earth moves at about 30 kilometres per second around the sun. If you count this as your own journey, you will have travelled about 62 billion kilometres in 66 Earth years.

How much does the average person travel?

Data deep dive: As a whole, the majority of respondents travel for three to four days within the country. Of the men polled, the majority said they travel for five to seven days, but women answered that they only travel for an average of three to four days in the U.S.

How many cars drive on the road every day?

Over 76 percent of Americans drive alone to work every day, while another 9 percent carpool with someone else. Considering that ACS counted 150 million workers in 2016, that’s at least 115 million cars and trucks hitting American streets every day.