Why is tourism motivation important?

It supports the perception of an individual on the purpose of why he should travel to a destination whether it is for various reasons such as relaxation, curiosity, experience, adventure, increase knowledge on a particular topic but without the help of an individual itself, travel motivation will not exist in the first …

What is the importance of tourism motivation?

Many people who take trips to other countries use it to escape the boredom of their own life and to have fun in another country. Taking vacations can provide excitement when heading to different locales, give a person the tastes and sights of a new place, and overall provide a sense of pleasure to a tourist.

What are the important factors which motivate tourism?

Crompton (as cited by Saayman, 2006) identified seven socio-psychological factors which motivate a tourist to travel: escape from an everyday environment, discovery and evaluation of oneself, relaxing or participation in recreational activities, gaining a certain level of prestige, for the purpose of regression, …

What is travel motivation?

Travel motivation is the inner state of a person, or certain needs and wants of the tourists that can be considered as one of the most important psychological influences of tourist behaviour.

How are tourists motivated to go to a destination?

The TCL suggests that tourist motivation is formed by a ladder, one that starts from the relaxation needs, followed by safety needs, relationship needs, self-esteem needs and fulfilment needs. Pearce (1988) also contends that motivation changes and patterns of travel can be changed by previous tourism experience.

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How do you motivate someone to travel?

What Motivates People to Travel

  1. The Need for Change. My original motivation for travel some 10 years ago was the need for change. …
  2. The Romance of Travel. Let’s face it, romance is a strong travel motivator. …
  3. Travel for Health. …
  4. Travel to Learn Life Skills and Life Lessons. …
  5. Travel for Pleasure.

What are the 5 travel motivators?

The basic travel motivations can be divided into four classes: the physical motivators, the cultural motivators, the interpersonal motivators,and the status and prestige motivators. Several tourist motivations are listed in travel literature.

What is extrinsic motivation in tourism?

Extrinsic motivation (EM) describes tourists’ motivations that are determined by an external force of positive rewards or the prevention of negative results. For example, “learning new things from the park” would be beneficial to the tourist as a knowledge reward after the visit.