Which is better test of the charge on an object attraction or repulsion?

why repulsion is the sure test to find whether a object is charged or not. Repulsion is said to be the sure test to find whether an object is charged or not because attraction can occur between an uncharged body and a charged body due to induction of charges from the charged body to the uncharged body.

Why attraction is not a sure test for charge?

Answer: Attraction is not a sure test for charge as a magnet can attract another magnet, but it can also attract a magnetic material(magnetic materials do not have a charge but are attracted towards magnets).

Which is the true test of electrification attraction or repulsion Why?

Repulsion is considered as the true test of electrification. This is because repulsion is observed only when two bodies have like charges and this means that the bodies must be charged. Hence, repulsion is a true test of electrification.

Why repulsion is a sure test?

Repulsion is the sure test for magnetism because it occurs only when two like poles of a magnet exist while the attraction phenomenon can occur between two unlike poles of a magnet and also between a magnet and a magnetic material means if there are two magnets they will attract each other and suppose if one material …

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What is the sure test of charging?

Repulsion is being considered as the sure test of charge on body as the induction of charge is possible between an uncharged body and charged body when brought close together.

What do you mean by charging by conduction what kind of charge does the body acquire?

Conduction is the process of charging a body by touching it to a charged body. In this process, the body that is being charged acquires the same kind of charge as the charging body.

Why do we say that repulsion is a short test of charge on an object?

Because when we bring a charged body near an uncharged body an opposite charge is induced on the neutral body. … But the given body is uncharged. Therefore, repulsion is a sure test of charge.

Why repulsion is the sure test of magnetism but attraction is not?

Repulsion can only take place between two like poles of a magnet. By attraction, one can not say if a substance is magnetic or not, but if two objects repel each other, one can be sure that those two objects are magnets. Hence, Repulsion is the sure test for magnetism.