How do I apply for a L 1 blanket visa?

An L-1 blanket petition is filed by the employer using the I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker. The blanket petition is restricted to relatively large international organizations. To this end, the petitioner must provide documented evidence showing that it meets the requirements to file a blanket petition.

How do I get a L-1 blanket petition?

The company and other qualifying organizations must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Have obtained at least 10 L1 visas during the previous 12 months,
  2. Have a combined annual sales of at least USD 25 million, or.
  3. Have a US work force of at least 1,000 employees.

How long does it take to get L-1 blanket visa?

How long does it take to get an L1 Visa? A. Usually 2-4 months for a normal L1 visa, Payment of the premium processing fee of $2,500 will substantially reduce processing time. 1-3 weeks for an L1 covered by a blanket approval.

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What is L-1 blanket approval?

The L1 blanket is a single petition to the USCIS that qualifies a company to transfer a number of managers and executives to the US without having to submit separate individual visa applications.

Can I apply for L-1 visa now?

It should be filed at least 45 days before the employees start date and cannot be filed more than six months before employment begins. Submit the supporting documents evidencing that both the US company and the parent, subsidiary, affiliate, or branch office abroad are lawful.

How long is the blanket L petition valid?

The Blanket L is initially valid for 3 years. The Blanket L can be extended indefinitely. Each employee who enters in L-1 status may be approved a three year term, renewable up to seven years for L-1A Managers and Executives, or five years for L-1B specialized knowledge employees.

What is the success rate of L1A individual visa?

The approval rate for L-1 visas has been on the decline (see graphic). In fiscal 2015 (12-month period ended September 30, 2015), as many as 33,454 L-1 visas were approved with a success rate of 84%. The approval rate declined to 72% in fiscal 2019 with only 29,335 approvals being granted.

Does L1 visa get rejected?

As per analysts, L1 Visa rejections can mostly be attributed to wrong or incomplete documentation and compliance issues. L1 Visa rejections were unheard of in the past. However, with the Trump Govt. increasing scrutiny over US visas, the rejection rate has spiked.

Can L-1 apply for green card?

The L1 is a dual-purpose, temporary nonimmigrant visa. … Many holders of L1 visas eventually apply for a green card, and in fact, the process of going from an L1 visa, especially an L1A visa, to a green card is (relatively) easy. There are two types of L1 visas. You can get an L1A visa or an L1B visa.

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How long can you stay in US after L1 visa expires?

While L-1 visa holders are allowed to renew their status, the overall period of stay is a maximum of seven years for L-1A holders (L-1B holders can only stay for a maximum of five years. This is the three-year initial period plus every other added year in the extension request.

Who can apply for L1 visa?

To apply for an L1 visa the employee must have worked for an overseas subsidiary, parent, affiliate or branch office of the US company they are transferring to for at least one year out of the last three years. The employee must have worked as a manager, executive, or specialized knowledge worker for this time.

Which is better L-1 or h1 visa?

H1B has stringent requirements while L1 Visa is more suitable for multinationals and is less time consuming than H1B visas. … Also, L-1 and H-1B have ˜dual intent in that visa holders in both categories can aim for green card while staying as a nonimmigrant in the United States.

How much does L1 visa cost?

What are the L1 visa costs?

Fee Cost
Form I-129 USCIS L-1 visa filing fee $460
Fraud prevention and detection fee $500
DS-160 form MRV filing fee $190
Premium processing fee (optional) $2,500

How do I file an L-1?

So to apply for the L1 visa, you will need to go through the following steps:

  1. Get a transfer offer.
  2. Filing Form I-129.
  3. Employer must pay the fees.
  4. File Form DS-160.
  5. Pay the L1 visa application fee.
  6. Schedule your L1 visa interview.
  7. Submit your L1 visa documents.
  8. Attend your interview.
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Can I change job on L-1 visa?

No, any L1 visa holder cannot apply for a new job while on the L1 visa. This means that he/she cannot transfer to another company through their L1 visa.

How long does it take to get green card from l1a?

Processing Time from L-1A to EB-1C Permanent Resident Status

This entire process typically takes around eight months to a year. Once approved, the EB-1 permanent residence card takes around six months to be issued.