What is required commentary in tour guiding?

The Commentary is information exchange about the place, product, attraction, happenings, related stories, facts and figures etc. Commentary must have flow of information from tour guide to the audiences. Commentary must be in positive tone.

What are the basic needs of commentary in tour guiding?

A good commentary will make visitors feel as if they see the historical events from his own eyes. Tour guides can ask tourists to imagine what was happening in the past and provide photos as visual aids. You can also ask travellers to compare what occurred in the past to present day activities.

What are the steps in delivering a commentary?

The basic rule when delivering information is : Opening – introduce the place in details. Content – the storyline which the guide has prepared.

CU4 : Tour Commentary Delivery

  1. Gather Information on relevant topics.
  2. Prepare storyline for commentary delivery.
  3. Conduct tour commentary on the topics.
  4. Handle questions and answer.

How should a tour guide deliver the tour commentary?

10 Tips for Being a Good Tour Guide

  1. Face the crowd, not what you’re talking about. …
  2. Be personal. …
  3. Tell a story (historical or contemporary). …
  4. Get moving right away. …
  5. Don’t worry about being perfect. …
  6. Get help to get organized.
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Why is tour commentary important in itinerary?

-Through an informative commentary, the tour guide explains to the visitors the meaning and relevance of the things and symbols in the environment in a language that the visitors could easily understand and relate to.

What makes a tour guiding commentary impressive and effective?

A good tour guide is articulate, easy to understand, has the physical capabilities to command attention and project their voice across potentially large groups of people. They should also be able to communicate one on one, answer questions with calm and remain approachable even when under pressure.

What is an example of commentary?

When a golf announcer narrates a major golf tournament, describing each player’s shots and talking about his score, this is an example of commentary. When there is a DVD-director’s cut of a movie that is accompanied by the director explaining his choices, this explanation is an example of commentary.

What are the types of commentary?

Types of Commentaries

  • Technical or Critical or Exegetical: Includes very detailed, technical discussion of text. Requires some understanding of the original languages. …
  • Expositional or Essential or Semi-Technical: Includes less technical, but still extensive discussion. …
  • Homiletical: Intended to aid in sermon preparation.

What are the basic information of a commentary?

Such a commentary usually takes the form of footnotes, endnotes, or separate text cross-referenced by line, paragraph or page. Means of providing commentary on the language of the text include notes on textual criticism, syntax and semantics, and the analysis of rhetoric, literary tropes, and style.

What are the different types of commentary materials?

There are two types of commentary (directive and facilitative) as well as many ways to approach writing commentary.

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