Your question: How many countries can a Nigerian passport enter without visa?

Nigerians can currently visit a total of 25 countries in this way, with the length of stay ranging from 14 to 90 days. If you are looking to make a longer trip, the following countries grant stays of up to 90 days: Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Madagascar, Malawi, and Seychelles.

How many countries can you travel to with Nigerian passport without visa?

Visa Free Countries for Nigeriens

Niger is a West African country whose most territory is stretched out in the Sahara Desert. Still, Niger citizens have visa-free access to 28 countries*, can get an eVisa to 20 countries and can apply for a visa on arrival in 22 countries.

Which European country is visa free to Nigeria?

Georgia: is the only European country which offers Nigerians visa on arrival and it is also categorized as a visa free country because it is only issued on arrival into the country. Mauritius: Mauritius offer Nigerians, visa free stay for a duration of 90days in the country.

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Which country is free visa?

Visa-free Countries for Turkish Citizens

The Republic of South Africa Africa Visa on arrival
South Korea Asia Visa-Free
Georgia Europe Visa-Free
Haiti North America Visa on arrival

Is Ghana a visa free country to Nigeria?

Ghana: Formerly known as the Gold Coast, this West African country promises gold to Nigerian nationals as they permit a visa-free entry for them into their country, mainly because Ghana is a member state of ECOWAS.

Can I travel to Ghana with my Nigerian passport?

Nigeria citizens do not need a visa to travel to Ghana for stays of up to 90 days. They must, however, provide a passport valid for six months beyond the date of exit from Ghana.

Is Ecuador visa free to Nigeria?

Ecuador is now open to all Nigerians, visa free! … “The two countries have agreed to sign an agreement to enable our citizens to visit one another without a visa.

Is Egypt visa free to Nigeria?

As a Nigerian, you do not qualify for the Egypt e-visa and cannot apply for Egypt visa online. Instead, you should compile the required documents, fill the Egypt tourist visa application form and book an appointment with the embassy.

Is South Africa visa free to Nigeria?

Can Nigerians enter South Africa visa-free? Most Nigerians need a visa to enter South Africa. Visas on arrival are not available so Nigerian citizens must obtain their visa before travelling. The only Nigerian nationals who can enter the country without a visa are holders of diplomatic, service, and official passports.

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Is Bolivia visa free for Nigeria?

Nationals of Nigeria hoping to visit Bolivia can do so for a duration of 90 days without a visa. … This visa only allows for a single entry into Bolivia. Visitors hoping to travel to Bolivia are required to have a passport valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of departure from Bolivia.

Which passport is the strongest?

For the third year in a row, Singapore and Japan have the most powerful passports in the world. According to data from the International Air Transport Association, analyzed by immigration consultants Henley& Partners, citizens of those two nations can travel to 192 of 227 destinations without having to secure a visa.

Which country is easy to travel from Nigeria?

You should try Hungary. Hungary is not just “some European country” but one of the places to be in Europe. It is one of the best countries that Nigerians can easily migrate to. You must have heard of Budapest, one of its most popular cities.

Is Uganda visa free to Nigeria?

Citizens of Nigeria need to get a visa before entering Uganda. It is part of Uganda’s travel and immigration policy. Those from non-visa-exempt countries who are traveling for tourism or business need a visa to enter Uganda. … Nigerian citizens must submit the proper travel documents to ensure smooth travel.

Is Seychelles visa free to Nigeria?

Seychellois Visa is not required for Nigerians

Nigerians visiting Seychelles can stay for a period of 30 days visa free. Nigerians visiting Seychelles must have a passport valid for six months with sufficient blank pages for entry and exit stamps.

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Is Kenya visa free to Nigeria?

Kenya is not visa free for Nigerians. Individual who want to gain entry into republic of Kenya must apply for Kenya visa. They can also get the Kenyan visa on arrival.

How much is Nigeria international passport?

For instance, the official price for a 64-page Nigerian passport with 10-year validity period is N70,000, while that with five years validity is N35,000. Applicants for the new 32-page passport with a five-year validity period are to pay N25,000.